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                                     Rodent Tracking and Seal-outs

S.M.L. Nuisance Wildlife Control, Inspections and Repairs
"I have mice in my house! How are they getting in?"
"I hear noises in my attic"
"There is some kind of animal in my basement"

    These are things we hear all the time. From mice and rats, squirrels to raccoons, woodchucks to skunks and more.

We solve animal/human issues. We set traps and do exclusion work to eliminate the animals and keep them out.

   Inspections turn up all kinds of issues clients don't know about like, water leaks and damage leading to rotten wood or degrading concrete and structural problems.

*We will find the entry points
*Identify the target animal
*Locate nesting areas
*Remove the offending animals
*Fix the problem by closing the entry point
Monday thru Friday 8 am-4:30 pm    860-878-4481   

We are always happy to just answer questions. 

S.M.L. has a background in heating and construction which helps with inspections.

Try your own tracking, check out the store. The tracking powder is non-toxic

S.M.L. Serving Manchester CT and surrounding towns for over 20 Years
S.M.L. Home Repair
Mice and Rats
Squirrels =Fliers, Reds, Grays, Chipmunks
Woodchucks, Skunks, Raccoons, etc...
Tracking and Harassment - Canine Work 
We don't use poisons, we do seal outs
Hi There! Follow me!
We were able to get this big girl to leave with her babies and close up the entry hole