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Rodent Tracking and Sealouts

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                                                "I have mice in my house! How are they getting in?"

    I crawl where I don't want to crawl and climb where I don't want to climb to locate entry points.

                         You must be the mouse....

    Rodents are active all year. They leave droppings and urine everywhere. "!!! If you find droppings in the silverware, there is urine. The urine and feces hold thousands of viruses, "hantavirus" and "leptospirosis" and anything in contact needs to be cleaned or discarded!!!" In the warmer weather mice and rats can live anywhere and food is easy when plant seeds and bugs are abundant. I find rodent sign in houses that folks have said they have never heard or have never seen a mouse. Generally, people aren't looking or don't recognize the signs. Mice don't always make noise. On average mice and rats can live 1.5-3 yrs. In that time they are ready to breed a few weeks after birth and reproduce for the next 1-1/2years, having 6-12 pups at a shot for both rodents.

    Mice crawl in holes around the foundation, climb up the chimney to the roof. Rodents can use wires, bushes, trees, and fence posts. Rats can chew through almost anything. I found a corner of a garage the mice were using yard rakes to get to a shelf then along a ledge into a hole in the ceiling. From the garage ceiling, they moved into the mudroom ceiling then through the soffit into the wall then the attic of the house. FOR YEARS!!!! Never making a sound.

    I provide animal/rodent inspections, trapping, and seal-outs using formed aluminum flashing secured to the foundation, below the siding and stainless steel/Poly fiber rodent fabric with sealants and foam. After the house is sealed, traps must be set for the less fortunate rodents trapped inside. ((WI-FI)) monitoring for hard to see trap set-ups, activity, and daily checks for all animal trapping projects. In some cases, I use nontoxic powder to track rodents to the secret hide out for the more tricky jobs. I'm always happy to answer questions. Give us a call.....

1-year limited warranty on materials and workmanship.

     For older homes with a brick, rock, or even cement block for a foundation, I have an alternative method using an all-natural spray. I have received lots of positive reviews on the application.  

Try your own tracking, check out the store. The tracking powder is non-toxic

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